To sparge or not to sparge…

I just can’t get my head around the idea of “no-sparge” brewing. Arrrgh!!!! It seems truly sacrilegious. I have been trying to embrace the idea but I am pulling my hair out. Yeah it saves time but…it just doesn’t seem right.

Kinda like my philosophy about parachuting (if you know me you understand)…there is absolutely no good reason to fling yourself out of a perfectly good airplane. Same goes for all-grain brewing…why would you not lauter your mash? Brewers have been lautering for hundreds of years.

The only thing that intriques me about “no-sparge” brewing is the promise of maltier beers (cue the harp playing angels). With my love of maltier beers I might ┬átry it sometime.


Not much progress this weekend…

Got a little work done on the boil kettle and mash tun inlet tubes but priorities with yard work and auto repair won out. Did have a few early morning moments that led to plans for an adjustable sparge arm arrangement for the mash tun. Too bad a don’t have a shop full of tools…almost like using a small apartment as a workshop.