A lot of different things going on…

Well it’s been a busy few weeks so I haven’t been able to write or do much here. The main brewing system is on hold because life happens and I really need to develop a plan to complete it in an organized manner. I guess taking a break will allow me to focus and regroup plus hopefully allow me to write more about the system and post some pictures of the build.

A few exciting developments have happened. I found a local home Brewer’s club, the Inland Brewers Unite or IBU for short and it is good to find a group of local brewers to talk with and throw ideas around. Second development was the discovery of a mini fridge to turn into a kegerator. Great find for $40 and allows me to keg again. The final thing is narrowing down a nice roller mill for my malt and it’s finally on the way along with a motor from eBay to power it. I am excited to get a beer brewing soon using my small igloo cooler mash tun.

The new BrewTroller OpenTroller BX1

ImageHad some time and decided to hook up the BrewTroller board to the over-sized LCD display and it worked! The BrewTroller BX1 is a scaled down version of the BrewTroller 4.1 Pro but still an amazing device for controlling your brewing system.

Check them out at www.ocsys.com and their wiki at www.brewtroller.com