Possible change in direction…again

Acquired some 3/4″ triclamp hose barbs for a great price so seriously thinking about changing Blichmann two vessel system to all 3/4″ triclamp fittings instead of 1-1/2″ triclamp. Still early enough into the system build that even with added cost of male and female 3/4″ triclamp fittings on the mash tun and boil kettle I will save a lot of money overall. The 3/4″ triclamp fittings have the approximately the same flow through them as the 1-1/2″ and look more proportionally sized to the vessels themselves.
One hurdle that was overcome in the design change was a sight glass for the wort return on the mash tun. There are several 1-1/2″ triclamp sight glasses but no 1/2″ or 3/4″…until I did some extensive searching on G.W. Kent’s website and found one and it is actually $25 cheaper than the 1-1/2″ one I was originally going to use! At this point I’m kind of getting feeling this was meant to be. Sorta brewing fate. Now the only remaining obstacle is fittings for my center inlet pump which has 3/4″ NPT inlet fitting. Back to searching the web for a solution.

From a non home brewer’s perspective it probably seems obsessive but it’s half the fun of home brewing. The design and build of the brewing system, the design of your brewing style and process all to lead you to the design of your beer recipes.


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