Tap-a-draft system thoughts

Well, again, it’s been way too long since my last post but just wanted to share my thoughts on my recent experiment with the Tap-a-draft system. Some time ago I read about the use of Tap-a-draft bottles for small batch kegging and picked up a few used bottles and taps that began life as Coors and Miller home draft kegs. My last batch of English Mild was done fermenting but my kegerator wasn’t finished so I thought what the heck.

Well I am pleasantly surprised. After sanitizing two TAD bottles and taps, I filled from fermenter and put the CO2 cartridges in and let them carbonate for 4-5 days and gave it a try. The carbonation was very nice and the ease of keeping 1-1/2 gallons on tap in any refrigerator is especially nice. Simply use one CO2 cartridge to carbonate and after 4-7 days swap in a fresh CO2 cartridge to dispense. Next step is using modified empty cartridges to connect up a paintball CO2 tank and regulator to carbonate and dispense without taking up too much space in the fridge or paying $2+ per disposable cartridge.

If you like to brew smaller batches or want the convenience of draft home brew without a dedicated fridge/kegerator than I recommend giving the Tap-a-draft system a try. Guess having room in the fridge for food too has its benefits.

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