Lots of change

Well it has been way too long since posting anything but life has been busy. I just moved to Grand Forks North Dakota and getting settled in. A lot of my brewing equipment is still in boxes but hope to be brewing very soon.

Grand Forks ND is a smaller college town but I did find a local food co-op that has some home brewing supplies and ingredients so that is a plus. Not a huge selection but the necessities and from what I hear standard shipping from Midwest and Northern Brewer is only one day since we are so close. Also met up with a couple members of the local home brew club the Uffdah Brewers. Great guys and good valued info about the local home brewing and beer scene.

As far as brewing goes the tap water is cold for quick wort chilling but high in alkalinity so bottled water will be a necessity. The place I am renting has more than adequate electrical service for brewing, even being an older home, so that is another plus.

A lot of upcoming changes to my brewing plans to fit smaller spaces, the use of 120 volts instead of 240 volts for future brewery projects and my never ending quest to find the ultimate insulated mash tun so stay tuned for more on that. Next post will not be as a long of wait, I promise.



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