2015 was a good year…

Now that we are firmly in 2016 and past the days of accidentally continuing to write 2015 on stuff I can reflect back on 2015. It was my second year in Grand Forks North Dakota which has been a challenge as a home brewer that enjoys tasting new beers and discussing beer and brewing. Grand Forks is still only beginning to embrace beers with flavors and the craft brewing scene but it is getting better. We have a new craft brewery in town, the first, and I truly wish them well. The home brewing scene is still very quiet, not much activity or social events. They’re here but not as active as other cities with very active clubs. This next year for me will be dedicated to preparing to move back to Washington state and I am excited about getting “home”. While the unknowns and challenges of the move are a little scary so was the move here in 2013 and it all worked out. Plus I’ll be back to a state with an incredible beer scene…bonus!

2015 was a fun year for home brewing for me. A new home brew shop opened here and I was able to teach some brewing classes. The cold times of the year, and there are many, gave me time to tinker with new brewing projects/ideas and develop some recipes. It was also a year of sharing my random brewing thoughts with you. Visits to this blog exceeded my wildest dreams when I first ventured into the blogging community with over 100,000 visits to this blog so far. This simple little blog about brewing, that I thought I’d “try”, has become something I enjoy and hope others enjoy. The exposure to my brewing life through the blog also transpired into being featured in BYO magazine this last December, which was a huge honor for me. This upcoming year will be a busy one but I will continue to post and share my brewing with you and hopefully continue to do what I planned from the beginning and that is make fellow brewers think about trying new things. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You’re still making beer! None of us are experts, we can always learn more from each other and there is nothing wrong with trying something different.

Like Lonnie Mac, creator of the Brutus brewing system as said and very much represents my theory on brewing… “So there we are! Don’t be afraid to try new things man! We are only 10,000 years into beer. There are thousands of years left to go! Things are bound to change!!”

3 thoughts on “2015 was a good year…

  1. Really looking forward to 2016 in my own brewing life and very excited to see what’s happening in yours too. I’m “patiently” waiting to see what shape your new brew system takes. Your brew system was a “sort-of” inspiration for mine. I’m currently doing 2.5gal batches, but not stove top. I’m using a Tower of Power and Blichmann 7.5gal pot with a basket made by Arbor Fab. Thanks for your great site. Cheers and happy brewing in 2015.

    BTW…if you want to see my system, I’ve been posting videos on YouTube on my channel. http://www.youtube.com/c/halfemptybrewing

    Check it out if you’re interested.

    • Thanks Nick. I like your YouTube channel and your simple setup. Basket turned out great and love the wort return manifold! Good video about post fermentation hop adjustment, I have a batch I might try that with. Hoping to post info on new system soon, build got stalled with last little details on kettle and controller (just when you think you have it figured out you wake up in the middle of the night and go “crap that won’t work”) but will probably post a teaser about progress so far.

      • Thanks for checking out my channel. The post-hop adjustment worked pretty well. It’d obviously be better to get it right in the kettle, but at least I’m not pitching 2.5gal of beer. Looking forward to the “teaser.” 🙂

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