Blichmann Setup


2 thoughts on “Blichmann Setup

  1. Excellent job on the kettle build.

    I am looking into adding a 2″ ferrule to my blichmann kettle as well and was wondering what method you used to attach the ferrule (silver solder, TIG from inside, TIG from outside)?

    Also what suggestions would you have on welding this ferrule in (presuming you TIG welded the ferrule from the inside). Would you mind sharing a photo of the inside of the welded area? Did you find that the kettle was large enough to work inside of? Did you backpurge the weld on the outside at the same time etc…

    Blog looks great

    • Thanks. I actually had the ferrules welded on by a local company that builds tanks for the winery and brewery industry. I wasn’t comfortable doing it myself. They are pros at that stuff and even polished everything inside and out so you cannot even see a bead.

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