My System

My system is similar to others but unique in many ways. I have limited space and generally brew in smaller 1 to 3 gallon batches with an occasional 5 gallon batch.

Basics are a single-tier 2 vessel system designed after the Brutus 20 for 3-5 gallon batches. Both the mash-tun and boil kettle are 7.5 gallon Blichmann Boilermakers. The 7.5 gallon size is great as it allows for larger grain bills of high gravity beers and full batch boils up to 6 or so gallons if needed.

I’m using the recirculating mash process with an electric RIMS tube but will be experimenting with a HERMS when I can get one. The boil kettle also acts as the hot liqueur tank and is heated with a Blichmann 2200W BoilCoil electric element.

Controlling the system is still a work in progress but will be based on the BrewBoss and PIDs but never fully automated just because I enjoy being part of the brewing process. Just enough automation/control to help maintain consistency from batch to batch.

Recently with my love of small batch brewing I have added a single vessel BrewBoss and PID controlled BIAB setup, for 1-2.5 gallon batches, and I’m enjoying that a lot. Very easy to use and setup in a small space not to mention every time I brew with it I see ideas I can implement with the 2 vessel system while I’m completing it.

I am also starting to brew on a used PicoBrew Zymatic I picked up and so far I am impressed and will continue to experiment with it.

Stay tuned, check back and follow me for the constant evolution of my home brewing setup.


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